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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ask Tony Blair to let the people of Chagos go home

The only residents of Chagos now are over a 1,000 US service men who live on the island working at the US Airbase Diego Garcia.
You can e-mail Tony Blair here and ask him to allow the Ilois of Chagos to go home. I e-mailed him last night and asked that his Government drop its appeal of the High Court ruling which ordered that the Ilois be allowed to go home.

Here is the text of my letter.

Dear Sir,

Please examine the circumstances of the Ilois people of Chagos in the British Indian Ocean Territories.

Your government is currently applealing a High Court judgement which would allow them to go home.Please withdraw the appeal and allow the Ilois to return to their home.Britain cannot pick and choose whose rights it will respect and whose it won't.

The war in Iraq is one of liberation for the Iraqis but how can Britain keep the Ilois from going home at the same time.Please make the difficult decision and do the right thing before you leave office.

It would be a suitable legacy.

Yours respectfully

Keith Martin

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