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Friday, January 21, 2011

Micheal Martin- Survivor?

Micheal Martin may yet get his chance to lead the Fianna Fail party....but only after it is defeated and its former leaders are gone will he inherit the prize.

But Martin will be an Admiral Donitz leading a doomed organisation still trying to exert power and prestige it no longer has.

Like Hitler's successor Martin will be in charge of nothing with nothing to do but arrange the surrender and wind up of the party.  Whatever dreams he held of leading a real government or even effecting change will be gone forever when Brian Cowen leads Fianna Fail into the valley of death on March 11th in one last crazy calvary charge at the cannons.

But this time it won't be the Light Brigade who fall, it will be the Heavy Brigade, some of whom, Harney, Ahern, Dempsey, Cullen, O'Keeffe have already fallen from their horses to join the likes of liar Beverly "Licence Fee" Flynn.

Cowen will charge onwards even as his officers openly question his ability to command and other disloyal troops try to make their own way by distancing themselves from the party, but it will be too late for them.

They are surrounded by their enemies, outmaneuvered, under-gunned and out of ammo in a war of their own creation.

Cowen has even been betrayed by his former Minister of Defence and Propaganda chief Willie O'Dea.  It is too late to fire him, as he already did that and he now lacks the power to string him up with piano wire.  All he can hope for is that O'Dea is shot down with him and the rest on March 11th.

In the meantime Martin waits for the bomb to drop in the hope that he survives and is appointed Furher upon Cowen's demise.

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