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Friday, January 21, 2011

Last days of Cowen

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50 feet below the gardens of Government Buildings, Cowen sits in his bunker receiving the last of his true supporters as they shuffle in to his presence.

Behind him stands the ever-loyal Brian Lenihan who has decided to stay with his Fuhrer to the end.

Though he won't admit it Lenihan is already planning for a world without Cowen, when the struggle for power is over and the rebuilding must begin from nothing.

Down the hall in the press office reports of imminent defeats and current set-backs flood in on an hourly basis while once loyal generals like Dempsey, Harney and Ahern resign their commission on the battlefield and flee the electorate in terror.

Morale is low and desertions are now rampant among the party members and the troops.
Cowen is forced to add meaningless titles and high office to those troops who still remain loyal, though their resources are nil and time is running out.

Over at Party Headquarters on Lower Mount Street there is chaos.  The staff are shredding Micheal Martin's photographs under the watchful eye of the fanatical Hitler Youth leader Dara Calleary while the rest of the staff update their CVs and prepare to flee before the biter end.

The massively popular storm troopers of Labour and Fine Gael are circling Government Buildings as they wait for the regime to tear itself apart before they finally pounce and end the struggle.

For Cowen it is only a matter of time.  Meanwhile he waits on news of the economic miracle which he predicts will divide his enemies and allow him to snatch victory from defeat.

Meanwhile the weather isn't getting any better

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