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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Greens make me sick!

What makes me sick about the Greens is their behaviour over the resignation of Willie O’Dea. 

They supported Willie in a vote of confidence, then Senator Dan Boyle baulks, (why didn’t the Green TDs baulk?) so John Gormley has to rush around to tell Cowen that Willie can’t stay.  The Greens demand his head but Cowen talks them into letting Willie go in his own way.  Gormley agrees to this and plays down the Green’s role in getting rid of Willie.

The next day some of the Greens try to take credit for the resignation but their official line is that Willie knew he had to go and went of his own accord.  We all know nothing could be further from the truth.

Now Dan Boyle is saying he takes no pleasure from Willie’s resignation. 

The Greens wielded the knife that took Willie out, (now this was the right thing to do as Willie did not have the guts and good sense to resign) but now they don’t want the blood on their hands.

The Greens don’t have the courage of their convictions.  If Dan Boyle hadn’t baulked when he did Willie would still be in office and Gormley and Co would have carried on as business as usual. 

When pressed to act they still fumble by not demanding the resignation clear and simple but rather sneak around in the background and go along with Cowen’s face saving strategy for Willie so Willie can claim the high ground that he was hounded from office by his enemies in the media as opposed to being an absolute disgrace of a man who has proved himself unworthy of seat in the Dail never mind in the Cabinet.

It would seem that the most accurate analysis of the Greens is from Deirdre De Burca who seems to have hit the nail on the head when it comes to defining the rot in the Green Party.

The Greens are rotting, its time to chuck them in the compost bin of Irish Politics along with Willie.

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