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Monday, November 19, 2007

Westport supports Shell to Sea

At the 2007 Labour Party Conference in Wexford the Westport Branch of the Labour Party voted in support of a motion, moved by UCD and Dublin South branches calling for the Shell project to be moved off shore and for the terms of the agreement, whereby the state makes nothing in revenue and does not receive a discounted price on the gas to be re-negotiated.

The motion noted that the land of local residents had been handed over to Shell by compulsory purchasing orders to procure the pipeline's construction.  It went on to list negative aspects of the project, and noted that governments led by Fianna Fáil had given corporations involved up to 100 per cent tax write-off.

Labour energy spokeswoman Liz McManus agreed that issues of exploration and royalties were important, but she warned delegates that accepting the motion, as it was drafted, would leave the State open to the risk of paying enormous compensation to a private oil company.

Ms McManus then suggested that a working party be set up to consider all the issues involved, including the impact on local communities.  Ms McManus's proposal was carried by 99 votes to 73 on a show of hands.

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Sincerely  Keith Martin  Mobile        086 0691182 e-mail        newseditor@ireland.com 

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