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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

TEN reasons to vote Labour

Pat Rabbitte said that within 100 days in office, Labour would implement the following:

1. Cancel all plans for super-private clinics;

2. Instruct the HSE to identify locations for additional hospital beds;

3. Appoint a director to roll out a programme to deliver pre-school education based in the office of the Minister for Children;

4. Instruct the Garda Commissioner to implement the civilianisation programme and begin deployment of 1,000 additional community gardaĆ­;

5. Make a government decision that the means test for carers would be abolished in the first budget and Social Welfare Bill;

6. Instruct the National Treasury Management Agency to establish a fund for the "Begin to Buy Scheme".

7. Create a Department of Energy, Climate Change and the Environment.

8. Publish a Bill to set the 0.7 per cent of GNP Overseas Development Aid target in law;

9. Instruct Dublin Bus to order a first tranche of new buses;

10. Double capitation fees for primary schools for the 2007/2008 school year.

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