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Monday, April 23, 2007

Limerick; going to hell in a handbag?

Is Limerick going to hell in a handbag? Is 'stab city' becoming ungovernable? Is the rule of law collapsing?

The availability of rocket launchers in the city suggests that Limerick is on the brink. What is Michael McDowell doing about this?

Criminal gangs are thrinving in the city and according to the Irish Times so "successful and brutal have the Limerick gangs become that they are now among the major suppliers into several country towns in Munster, while gardaĆ­ believe one of the Limerick gangs controls supplies of cocaine into the northside of Cork city."

There have been numerous killings including a lunchtime car chase complete with gunshots down the Ennis Dual Carraigeway.

What is the Minister doing?

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