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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Michael Lowery-tax dodger-he hasn't gone away you know!

Michael Lowery is a tax dodger and may be something else. The Moriarty tribunal has found six documents recording links between former government minister Michael Lowry and a £4.3 million sterling property deal in Doncaster, England.

Two of the documents are letters from "experienced and responsible solicitors" who had recorded an understanding that Mr Lowry was involved, Mr Healy said.

Mr Lowry has told the tribunal he had no involvement with the 1998 transaction, which telecoms tycoon Denis O'Brien says belongs exclusively to him.

At the McCracken Tribunal it was revealed that supermarket tycoon Ben Dunne had paid £395,000 for an extension to Lowry's home in Tipperary. This allegation prompted Lowry's resignation from the Cabinet in November 1996. When John Bruton announced that Lowry would not be allowed stand as a Fine Gael candidate at the next election he resigned from the party.

The Tribunal concluded that Lowry had evaded tax. At the next election Lowry announced that he would stand as an Independent candidate. In the general elections of 1997 and 2002 Lowry topped the poll in his constituency.

Lowery doesn't have the class to feck off out of politics in shame and the people who keep re-electing him are the real culprits. If the electorate keep rewarding croooked politicians then there is no hope for the system.

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