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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mayo ICTU Complaint

Call for investigation into closure of Westport Resource Centre


Cllr Keith Martin of Westport Town Council has contacted the ICTU to request an investigation into the closure of the Westport Resource Centre.

Cllr Martin says he is annoyed at this "wall of silence" from the ICTU in Mayo and has now made formal complaints with the ICTU concerning the lack of consultation over the issue both before and after the centre's closure.  Cllr Martin says he has also requested an investigation into the manner of the closure, the reason for the closure and who actually made the decision to close the centre.  

Cllr Martin says he has a number of proposals for the reopening of the centre and was originally promised a meeting with the Board of Management for the Mayo ICTU Resource Centres several weeks ago; however the Labour Party councillor says his subsequent enquiries for a date for the meeting and for further information about the centre have been ignored.

Cllr Martin says the reopening of the centre will "probably be the one issue all parties and candidates in the upcoming election can agree on and I think this is the beginning, not the end of the campaign to reopen a Resource Centre in Westport."

Cllr Martin confirmed that he has taken the issue up with the major trade unions which compromise the ICTU, with senior figures in the Labour Party and with FAS who have an employment role in the management of the Resource Centres in Mayo.  Cllr Martin has lead opposition to the closure of the centre and has been campaigning to reopen the centre ever since.



Councillor Keith Martin Labour Party

086 0691182


Lucy Cunningham


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