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Monday, February 5, 2007

The Real "Trial of Tony Blair"

History is not going to be kind to Tony Blair.

His legacy is gone. Nothing he can do in the UK or Northern Ireland or anywhere can blot out what he has done in Iraq. His legacy will not be peace or democracy in Iraq.

The humorous Channel 4 programme "The trial of Tony Blair" was a take on Tony Blair being tried by the International Courts for his war of aggression on Iraq but it may well be that Tony's real trial is to be over the "Cash for Honours" scandal which has seen members of his government arrested and seen Tony questioned twice.

Tony should go now. No-one survives long in power with this kind of thing hanging over their heads. Ask Nixon. Ask Mandy. Ask Blunkett. Sooner or later you have to go.


blin said...

the legacy: a comedy of terrors
Terrifying new E-novel.
The consequences of unchecked governance; as the ridiculous becomes sublime.
Read for free.
Please use recycled paper.

el tom said...

Not guilty, m'lud.

Moreover, I reckon it would be good for Blair to stay to take the hit for the upcoming Scots and Welsh elections.

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