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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Whitewash as Saddam's abuser to go on trial-but filming will not be investigated

A man accused of taunting Saddam Hussein as he stood on the gallows is to face charges in court. The abuse was recorded on a mobile phone as was the execution of Saddam Hussein which is now available on the internet.

It seems there will be no investigation into who filmed the execution footage on which the abuse and taunting is recorded. According to the Iraqi investigator in charge "The footage was not a problem but the shouting."

Despite the footage clearly recording several voices chanting abuse at the dictator as he stood on the gallows awaiting his hanging only one man has been charged.

Earlier it was speculated on this blog that the unofficial recording of the execution had been "unoffically" approved and facilitated. Now the charging of just one individual with the abuse reeks of "pawn sacrifice" and this is compounded by the failure to investigate who filmed the execution which was why the investigation was originally set up.

This is because the filming was done at the behest of the government/US who wished the execution to be available as proof that Saddam was dead but did not want to film the death offically so "unoffically" Saddam was recorded and made available on the internet. The fly in the ointment of this plan was the abuse which was captured on the footage.

Following the outrage over the filming and the abuse an enqiry has been set up to investigate the issue, however as the filming was officially "unofficially" a scape goat in the form of one individual has been offered up to distract from the fact that it was officials present either US or Iraqi who filmed the execution and made it available on the internet.

In other words a whitewash.

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