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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stand up for yourself and others - join the Labour Party

Labour Party membership is due for renewal and this is a good time for new members to join as we face into a General Election in May.

Labour under Pat Rabbitte are committed to bringing integrity back into government, committed to providing housing, tackling the scandal that is our health service and committed to ending the continued privatisation of public services.

Each new member will have a chance at helping bring about this change and at removing Fianna Fail and Progressive Democrats from power.

The litmus test for this government is "In ten years and given the billions at their disposal, has the government done a good job?" The answer is a definite "NO!"

The question will be asked of us on election day, by joining Labour you can help us in actually removing Bertie and Michael from power.

The Labour Party in Ireland stands for many things but its core principals are

Labour has a proud history of progressive policies in opposition and action in government.

Join the Labour Party here

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Emplibeh delizincatov fezzamos ne!!! Vite giante temorvosta! Iss umanir kin occult gantoi aiunge? Lambelimente develiet te naos!

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