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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Ken can "Relax!" if Mike Read runs for the Tories in London Mayoral Race

According to reports UK DJ Mike Read is considering a run against our Ken in the race for Mayor of London in 2008 as the official Tory candidate.

According to Mike Read, he has been "assured by the Conservative party he would be taken seriously" and not treated as a "lightweight" and is now looking for financial backers.

He said he had also been very encouraged by a meeting with party chairman Francis Maude.

"I actually played my own devil's advocate. I told him I don't want to be perceived as a token, lightweight celebrity." he said afterwards.

Mr Read said he was not concerned about his lack of political experience as he did not think voters would be worried about it.

This is the same Mike Read who banned Frankie goes to Hollywood's song Relax! from the BBC's playlist because of its "disgusting" lyrics (read them here), unfortunately for Mike, the ban lead to the song going to Number 1 for five weeks.

Mike is a man of many talents in October 2004, his musical about Oscar Wilde closed after just one night, he has also staged a musical based on the songs of Cliff Richard, and is reportedto be producing one about the Village People.

Mike has written songs for Cliff Richard, he was the first celebrity to be evicted by the viewing public from I'm a Celebrity in 2004 and following his DJ career he had a second career as a children's TV presenter.

The Conservatives are planning to give Londoners the final say over their candidate later this year in a series of X-Factor-style public votes designed, in the words of leader David Cameron, to "fire the public's imagination".

If this is the best the Conservatives can offer to oppose Ken Livingstone and if Mr Read is the typical candidate Cameron and the conservatives are trying to headhunt then not only is Ken safe but the Torys really are finished.

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