Monday, January 14, 2013

If you had to describe the current situation in Ireland in one word, and you don't have to, I'm not holding a gun to your head, then I think there's only one word for it, 'Disappointing', with an obligatory capital 'D'.   

Barrack Obama has not set the world economy on fire though his liberal use of drones has set fire to parts of Afghanistan and Iraq.  In fact civilian deaths from drones now outnumbers the dead of 9-11.  Thank God a "Liberal" Nobel Peace Prize winner like him has won the White House.

Over here there dream team of Kenny and Gilmore, Labour's Way, Health Care reform, Bondholders being burnt on O'Connell Street, Bailouts and rescues is all too disappointing.

There is no light in the tunnel, what light there is are the headlights of the oncoming train of yet more bad news as the Irish economy stagnates, spinning its wheels in the mud of a recession.

We have tried cutting our way out of the recession.  We've cut and cut and there's so much cutting of the poor and the vulnerable that even the IMF has seen enough blood.

Hope has become a dirty word thanks to Obama.  'Yes we can!' turned into "No we can't!" and Labour's Way turned out to be Enda's way.

We need something to look forward to.  A crack of light in the dark.  A hint that somewhere to east the sun will rise again.  Above all we need leadership, something that Enda Kenny cannot give us, stability yes, a consensus approach yes, but not real, stand with me leadership.  

Unless Michael D deploys the army and dismisses the Dail we are going to be leaderless for the foreseeable future.



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